About me

I’m Linda, 56 years old, a widow with 3 lovely grown children and 3 grandchildren. We live near beautiful Cape Town in South Africa.

My daughter helps me with the artsy stuff (some of the art that I will be using is hers), my sons help me with the technical stuff and my grandchildren encourages me, so, I call them my team!

I’ve always loved art, pretty things and going to the library to borrow books to do research for my art and craft projects and just to chill for a nice reading session.

With time, I’ve learned that what I believed, happened in my life, and I became more and more aware that we use our minds and words wrong by complaining, criticizing and just being overall negative.

Words have power and it takes the same amount of effort to use words that build up than it takes to use words that break down. We seem to focus on the negative, which brings bad situations into our lives. We should SAY positive things as if they are already true.

We need to make people aware of the power our words have on ours and other’s lives. It is necessary to pray the promises we received in the Bible back to God through Jesus, and by being made aware, and being reminded, more people will spread positivity into this world. By wearing a tshirt, drinking a mug of coffee or tea or giving a gift with an affirmation or a positive quote on it, more people will see and use these words. We need to speak life into our own and other people’s lives.