Simple, well known words that can change your life

Jesus Loves Me

When you get this concept into your mind and heart it will totally revolutionize your life.

Jesus loves me!

Ah, the simple faith of childhood. Jesus loves me. How do I know?

Because the Bible tells me so. End of discussion.

Or…. do I sometimes feel that He would love me more if only I would:

Be a “better” person, worker, mother, wife…

Go to church more often…

Read the Bible more often…

Or one of many other things.

If ever you’re tempted to say, “Yeah, but…”, remember: Jesus loves me! This I know for the Bible tells me so.

I have to become familiar with what the Bible says if I want to delve deeper into the extravagant dimensions of that love. Seek the promises, those words of love mean so much more when you seek out and find them for yourself.

Personalize those words. Speak them back to God. Claim them for yourself. Meditate on them in your prayer time. During the day practice the presence of God in your life, knowing He is always with you.

Study and pray over Ephesians, Philippians, and Colossians. Read these letters of Paul as if they were written for you alone and expect God to open your mind and heart. God did not send Jesus to die for mankind but for each individual who would accept that sacrifice as full payment for his sin.

Full realization of God’s love for me is not yet another thing that I must try to work up or do through my own effort. As I read, pray, and spend quality time with our Heavenly Father and put Him first in my life, His Spirit works in me according to my request. Seek out through prayer and study what God has to say about how He feels about you.

And why the emphasis on God’s love for me? Because true surrender to God and true service for Him come not from the knowledge that He loves me but from the experiential surety of that love. And just as I cannot “work up” my own salvation or my Christian walk with Jesus, I must depend upon the action of the Holy Spirit to saturate me in God’s love.

Just as in prayer, my part is to show up and ask, and for Him to be number one in my life. I must spend time in God’s presence and wait in expectancy.

That’s what the Lord said to me. “I love you, my child. More than you can imagine!”

Get this concept into your mind and heart and your life will never be the same.

Yes, Jesus loves me. The Bible tells me so!

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